Guided Walk around Brede High Woods

On Saturday 26th April, Patrick Roper led a fascinating walk around parts of Brede High Woods, organised and co-led by BC’s Steve Wheatley and accompanied by Dave Bonsall from the Woodland Trust.

This walk was an introduction both to this marvellous woodland complex, recently acquired by The Woodland Trust, and more importantly the first butterfly surveying walk for people interested in recording as part of the Rother Woods Project.

The walk was very well attended and thankfully the weather was perfect. As always, Patrick was enthusiastic and informative, with Steve managing the assembled participants and enthusing them all along the way.

Butterfies seen included Brimstone, Holly Blue, Orange Tip, Peacock, Speckled Wood, Comma and three suspected (though unconfirmed) Clouded Yellows. More details and a few pictures at the Sussex Butterflies Sightings page.

We also stumbled upon a surprisingly active Slowworm!


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