Moth Trapping – 25th April

As part of the Rother Woods Project for the Brede and Udimore area, I am running a loaned Robinson Moth Trap in my garden – and in other woods and locations around the area – at every available opportunity. I am not a fully fledged (or even partially fledged!) “mother” as yet, so am double-checking my results when unsure, but I am already becoming hooked.

Results for the night of Fri 25th April
(Trap run overnight here in my garden on the outskirts of Broad Oak)

Brindled Beauty – 8
Common Quaker – 11
Great Prominent – 4
Hebrew Character – 6
Lesser Swallow Prominent – 2
Swallow Prominent – 1
Lunar Marbled Brown – 1
Coxcomb Prominent – 1
Early Thorn – 2
Early Grey – 1

Coxcomb Prominent
Coxcomb Prominent

Lesser Swallow Prominent
Lesser Swallow Prominent

The trap here was run in conjunction with six others as part of the Rother Woods Project’s first Moth Trapping Night. Here are Pat Bonham’s comments from RXWildlife:

Six of us ran five MV moth traps at Park Wood, Brede, on Friday night (25th) to kick off moth recording as part of Butterfly Conservation’s new Rother Woods Project ( The habitat was mainly damp birch woodland with clearings. In ideal conditions – cloudy, mild and near calm – and serenaded by a singing Nightingale, we recorded about 60 moths of 32 species. Highlights included five species of Prominents (Pebble, Pale, Coxcomb, Scarce and no fewer than 5 Great Prominents), Early and Purple Thorns, Early Tooth-striped, Engrailed, 4 Lunar Marbled Browns, Water Carpet, Peacock, Sallow Kitten, Waved Umber, Knot Grass, Frosted Green, 2 Brown Silver-lines and 3 V-Pugs – a great start to the season.

There will be a public moth meeting for National Moth Night at Great Dixter from 8.30 pm on Saturday 7th June and from 8 am on 8th in what should be an extremely productive habitat – don’t miss it !


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